Talking Transparency on C-SPAN

Recently I had the great opportunity to talk transparency on C-SPAN.  I appreciate Kevin Goldberg for his busy schedule and thinking of SGI to fill in.  Originally conceived as a segment in mid-March to talk about Sunshine Week, the wildly successful effort led by the American Society of News Editors to call public attention to transparency in government, our half-hour discussion focused on the Obama administration’s efforts to promote transparency from within the executive branch.  This month federal agencies released open government plans, and while many agencies were spurred to start talking transparency seriously, others were moving enthusiastically to push transparency.

The callers reminded me that transparency means different things to different people.  Some, like the caller who wanted to know more about a death near the U.S. border, were frustrated that many agencies couldn’t provide straight answers and needed to know where to look.  Others cared about health care reform and wanted to see more of the process leading to Congress enacting reform legislation.  So we started by trying to define transparency.


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