SGI in the News



Stop Trying to Stop Leaks. Engage the Press Instead (Roll Call (commentary)), September 16

SGI Statement on the Justice Department obtaining AP phone records (Sunshine in Government Initiative), May 15

Open Government Advocates Say Obama Progress on FOIA Not Enough (Capitol News Service), March 14

Transparency Effort Wins Award, Loses White House Embrace (Bloomberg), March 13

Sunshine in Government Award honors innovation in FOIA, Senator who defended news coverage (Sunshine in Government Initiative), March 12

FOIA Friday (Sunlight Foundation), February 22

President Obama and Tiger Woods played golf, and White House reporters are teed off (Washington Post), February 21

Debate over transparency of Obama White House (Fox News), February 20

Press Corps Pushes for Transparency (, February 20


Testimony of Rick Blum On “The Freedom of Information Act: Crowd-Sourcing Government Oversight” (House Oversight and Government Reform Committee hearing), March 17

Testimony of Sarah Cohen, for “The Freedom of Information Act: Ensuring Transparency and Accountability in the Digital Age” (U.S. Senate Committee on the Judiciary hearing), March 15



Testimony of Rick Blum Regarding Legislative Proposals to Address Concerns Over the SEC’s New Confidentiality Provision (Committee on Financial Services, U.S. House of Representatives hearing), September 16

Governmental Transparency (C-SPAN’s “Washington Journal”), April 14



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