Many agencies swept into early OGIS mediation requests

A quick glace of the latest case log from the Office of Government Information Services shows requests are coming in for help with many agencies.  In fact, the distribution of agencies with which requesters are seeking help is remarkable.  (Click image to expand. -RB)

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The myth and reality of the overbroad request

Some panelists from agencies at a recent transparency event (the March 16 Freedom of Information Day Celebration (pdf), put on by the Collaboration on Government Secrecy) flagged overbroad FOIA requests as a substantial source of inefficiency in processing FOIA requests. While this analysis is neither new nor controversial, it did make us wonder: What percentage of requests do agencies seek to narrow?

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We need a name!

We need to name this blog!  We could play off the coalition name, or its DC focus.  “SunBlog”? Already taken.  “The BeltRay”?  Suggest something better.

Welcome — and what to expect from us

We’re blogging to trade more information about open and accountable government.


This blog will focus on topics that media associations in the Sunshine in Government Initiative care about:  currently our major focus is the federal Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).  Recently, we’ve also urged officials to speak on the record.  In the past we’re looked at reporting based on unauthorized disclosures, or leaks.

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